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A simple and classic design. Perfect for a few must have cards and your keys.


There are 4 card pockets and a central contrast colour compartment, compliemented by a sturdy key chain, the card holder is finished with our signature burnished edge seam work. Designed purposefully to use the offcuts from nevernew productions during manufacture, nothing goes to waste.


We craft all our leather goods by hand in our UK workshop, using 100% cow hide leather rejected by the luxury industry. Any zips or additional metal wear are made from 100% recycled materials and where metal wear can be substituted, we design to reduce hybrid material combinations.


Card holder measures (w) 10cm x (h) 7cm x (d) 0.5cm

Card Holder

  • All our leather goods are made from 100% leather using luxury industry waste products. The skins we source are originally a by product of the meat industry and are selectively rejected after tanning for onward manufacture by the luxury industry.

    Every item is exquisitely crafted by hand and quality tested in our UK workshop using techniques and tools that are generations old.

    Any zips or additional metal wear are made from 100% recycled materials. Where metal wear is not necessary we have designed this out to maximise recyclability.

    Each leather item carries the  Nevernew  logo discreetly blind embossed.

    All our leather goods feature our signature contrast leather lining and a smooth, glossy burnished edge stripe finish. 

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