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Design transforms!

I am beyond thrilled to to represent the product and industrial design programme at Central Saint Martins for the Design Transforms exhibition at the Lethaby Gallery. It's a moment that has really validated the hard work of the last year or so.

The Lethaby Gallery, nestled in the heart of the vibrant Kings Cross neighbourhood, has long been a hub for showcasing innovative and transformative design concepts. To be among the talented alumni featured in this exhibition is terribly exciting.

The theme of the exhibition, "Design Transforms," is particularly meaningful to me. It encapsulates the essence of what design represents - the power to inspire, provoke, and create change. My work, which focusses on sustainable and eco-conscious design, by using materials that are thrown away in production, aims to exemplify how thoughtful design choices can positively impact our environment and society.

I'm showing one of my leather handbags, highlighting how craftsmanship and cherishing the imperfections of natural materials can be truly transformative.

Exhibiting alongside such a diverse range of designers allows me to gain fresh insights into my work, its encouraging my next steps to really push the boundaries of my creativity and craftsmanship.

I'm looking forward to interacting with the other exhibitors and visitors alike, to hear their interpretations of the collective work.

The exhibition is on 11th September-15th October 2023 and is officially part of the London Design Festival.

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