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papermill paper and card offcuts

How we work

Nevernew is the realisation of decades long experience in the design, development and production of luxury goods.

In every department and business we have encountered, there was a programmed acceptance of wastage throughout the creative and commercial process.

With our planet in climate crisis, Nevernew re-evaluates our role as designers. We are not just the designers of things. We are alchemists of a modern age, designing process, production and materials to realise our creative pursuits and eliminate waste.

Nevernew recovers and transforms unwanted natural, luxury, materials directly from manufacturers. Our materials are often imperfect, sifted and sorted into the reject pile by other brands. With great craftsmanship and care, we make what was once ready to be thrown aside, into beautiful and truly covetable leather goods and stationery.

Working with manufacturing understanding and insight we design to minimise waste and showcase heritage craftsmanship.

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