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How we make

We have painstakingly researched our materials and manufacturing methods to ensure we make the smallest onward carbon footprint and wastage. We do this also minded in keeping the highest of production values using manual over automated processes in almost all instances. We choose heritage craftsmanship and skill, not only as a means of minimising waste and emissions, but also as a means of keeping these skills alive for generations to come.

printers ink knife.jpg
wasted leather offcuts rolled up

Leather Goods

Our leather goods are made for us in a small workshop not far from our south London studio, here in the UK. We produce in small batches, based on the recovered leather we source.


The craftsmen and women in our workshop are experts in their trade, producing luxury leather goods of the most exquisite quality. With heritage skills handed down through generations, their experience and knowledge brings our designs alive.


The leather skins Nevernew source are certified as recovered from the food chain and are originally intended for high end, luxury brands. We celebrate the small imperfections of our recovered natural materials and weave them into our design identity.

We design to showcase the qualities of our leather and the quality of the craftsmanship, externalising all our structural seams. Minimising panels to create our forms and utilising whole skins means we eliminate onward production waste.

Paper Stationery Goods

Nevernew make all our printed products in our south London studio. We source UK paper mill offcuts, dead stock and rejects for all our projects. We use 2 antique and manually operated letterpress printing machines to produce all our designs, this gives every print a unique look and feel.


Our passion for printing this way is from our longstanding love of beautifully printed paper goods. When the opportunity came to rescue our formerly unloved printing presses from an old warehouse clear out, we couldn’t wait to get involved.


Nevernew chooses to use environmentally friendly vegetable based inks with organic and earth based pigments making them fully and easily recyclable. With such a low tech and hands on approach to our craft, we minimise any onward waste.

various different sizes of metal letterpress type jumbled up
printers ink knife.jpg
broken pallet wood

Wooden Products

Nevernew wooden products are recovered from broken shipping pallets and offcuts from a local cabinet makers. This wood would otherwise be skipped and sent to landfill. Instead of letting this happen, we craft this waste back into something beautiful and useful.

Our pencils are British, born and bred. Manufactured using centuries old techniques in a family run factory in the heart of England. The production line is specially modified to take our waste wood and make it good again.

We occasionally have a few vintage stationery items which we source locally to the studio.

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